Emergency Help

We are happy to chat through the issues that you are facing and offer free advice to help you achieve the right remedial solutions for your escape of fuel.
Here are some Emergency tips:

Firstly, attempt to contain the leaking fuel:
Isolate the fuel leak by turning off the fuel supply at the tank, at the cooker, or at the boiler.

Try and catch the leaking fuel in a container (if necessary dig out ground under the leak to allow the container to fit).

Try rubbing a bar of soap across a crack in a plastic tank for a temporary repair.

Once the leak is contained:
Place absorbent material onto the fuel where it has pooled on the ground. The object is to prevent as much fuel as possible from soaking into the ground surface. Once the material is soaked in fuel, you can pick it up (use gloves) and put it in a container (water tight). Sawdust, cat litter, sand, newspapers, cloth, straw, etc. all work well as absorbent materials.

If the fuel is accessing drains, or ditches, try and prevent the access by blocking its path. Phone a local fuel supplier for help and they will usually be able to install a temporary fuel supply line or pump out the

contents of a failed fuel storage tank. Alternatively, a heating or oil burning cooker engineer will be able to carry out emergency repairs. If you have fuel fumes within your house, action should be taken to contain the fumes, to avoid the associated health risks of breathing in hydrocarbons in the air. These professionals will also be able to offer further advice. OLM can provide specialist systems to contain the fumes within your property, do give us a call.

Remember! Whatever you do, don't hose down the escaping fuel This will only multiply your problems!

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    Nic - St. Agnes
  • "I would say I was mighty impressed with the work today and the tidy way in which the area was left, please let your team know. They completed what they had planned and left the property very tidy. If I required other groundwork, I would certainly use them."

    David – Woolton Hill
  • "It was great to see the site returned to normal and thank you for your efforts on our behalf, many thanks"

    Clare – Thruxton
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    Ben – Newquay
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  • "Your team did a great job and we are really pleased with the work."

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    James – Tintagel
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    Susanna - Charlton
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  • "I have been very impressed by the professionalism and helpfulness of the OLM team. "

    Richard - Kencot
  • "We were fearing disruption and possible permanent disfiguring of our historic property. However, once work started it became apparent that we were in very safe hands."

    Roger - Fernhurst
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    Brian - Queen Camel
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    Stephanie - Much Marcle

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