Site Surveys

Site investigations are important to establish the nature and extent of contamination on site, which then dictates the remedial options available to complete a site remediation. There are a variety of survey services that OLM provide:

Site walkover:
Sometimes it is important to establish if remedial works are required or if policy cover will be available for a remediation to take place. A brief site visit is conducted with a brief overview report produced to help establish the best way forward for the site.

Pre-condition survey:
Sometimes when intrusive internal works are anticipated, it is prudent to carry out a survey of the existing conditions of the property prior to any works commencing. This avoids confusion if collateral damage issues should arise. It is an inexpensive service that is often well worth the time spent.

Site assessment:
The site assessment provides the basis for a site remediation to take place. A detailed survey, mapping the contamination on site and researching the context of the site in terms of its geology, hydrogeology and its close proximity to potential environmental receptors, such as bore holes, wells and source protection zones. OLM’s site assessment process provides remedial options and proposes a detailed remedial strategy with proposed costs and reserve advices for the customer.

The extent of site assessment work varies according to the incident requirements. OLM provide site assessments for a range of situations such as land developments, industrial sites, ministry of defence sites, schools & colleges, religious buildings, listed buildings, domestic properties and agricultural land.

Utility survey:
When drains, pipeline and underground channels are impacted by the escaping fuel it is often necessary to trace and locate services underground. OLM provide the equipment and trained staff to carry out this important service.

Post excavation survey:
OLM carries out post excavation surveys as part of its remedial strategy to ensure that the strategy adopted is fit for purpose. This ensures that only necessary remedial activities are employed. It is usually at this stage that reserve advices can be clarified with much more accuracy.

Air quality survey:
Where there has been contamination within a property it is necessary to survey specific hydrocarbon levels in the general air of the property, prior to full reinstatement, to validate the remedial works that have taken place. Ambient air within the property is either sampled over a long period using passive air tubes or over a shorter period using pumped air tubes.

Aerial photography survey:
Technology has progressed to make aerial photography a straightforward exercise using a fully trained and licensed operative. This is not always necessary but does provide valuable data when an escape of fuel has the potential to migrate off site.

Validation survey:
It is important at the end of a remediation to provide a final report which summarises the process and presents the data obtained to verify a successful remediation. This reporting is essential for future purchasers of the affected property.

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